The SBOE needs a math expert, like me, to provide guidance and oversight of our school curriculum to provide the skills, critical thinking, and logic necessary for our children to become productive taxpayers living fulfilled lives, and being able to think for themselves.

School Districts and the State trying to cookie cutter everyone for college is wrong past the point of abusive. I will not return to shuffling off “problem” students into the limited vocational classes of the ’70’s. I *will* work hard with the board and the legislature to create a two track system that provides choice and increased opportunity to succeed. I foresee cases where the vocational tract is actually college preparation for many career choices with a mix/match approach in courses. This can be done with the State Board of Education’s power to set the requirements for graduation. Natural market forces will take over from there, eliminating a lot of the top down “mandating by regulation” that has made the system slow reacting to the realities of life in Texas. All of this will make the college bound curriculum stronger as a result. Better students, better results, and more effective use of tax dollars.